Professionalism Commitment Efficiency

Law of Obligations and Commercial Law

The Office pays special attention to all types of contractual relationships, considering contractual relationships as a framework ensuring adequate legal and economic position of the client.

We offer services of establishing companies, including regulation of all statutory changes regardless of the grounds thereof, and we offer complete legal service in creating the company internal acts and managing relations between the individual company parts.

Law relating to investments in the Republic of Croatia

We provide complete legal support in establishment and acquisition of companies in the Republic of Croatia, including, apart from establishment, drafting of all the internal acts required, and a continuous legal service especially in areas of the Commercial Law and Labour Law.

Real Property Law

The Office provides legal protection in areas of the Real Property Law, especially relating to activities of purchase/sale, land registry arrangements and foundation of all forms of property rights.

Family Law

We provide complete legal protection in the area of the Family Law; we represent parties in divorce proceedings, custody proceedings and distribution of marital property.

Conducting of legal proceedings (lawsuits, foreclosures, mediation)

We represent clients in all types of disputes, before any court or authorised body, where we would like to emphasise our tendency and success in peaceful resolution of disputes, active application of mediation techniques in all stages of disputes, i.e. negotiations, as well as our ability to recognise two-way interests and close settlements.

In foreclosure proceedings, individual approach and time are crucial. We ensure the fastest and the most economic ways of collecting claims.


Pre-Bankruptcy Settlements/Bankruptcy Settlements

Criminal proceedings, especially in the area of economy and finance